Entry Guidelines

As the needs, expectations and possibilities of the home are shifting, designing a house enables architects to experiment with form and with materials but also to radically rethink the ways in which we live our everyday lives.

Enter your projects using our simple registration. All projects must have been completed after 1 January 2018. There are no budget or location restrictions.

Entry deadline: 8 September 2023 - £399 + VAT

Why enter

  • All entries will be reviewed by the expert international judging panel which will choose a shortlist of 15 projects.
  • The top 6 commended projects will then be visited by an independent critic before the winner is selected by the judges.
  • All shortlisted projects will be featured in the December 2023/January 2024 issue of The Architectural Review , with in-depth building studies for the top 6.
  • The opportunity to have an independent critic visit and review your project for the December/January issue of The Architectural Review.
  • All entrants will have their project listed on the AR House awards website, each with an image and URL.
  • All shortlisted projects will be promoted on the AR website, emails and via social media to its more than a million readers worldwide.

What to enter

Beyond new and permanent residences for a single family, the following projects are also eligible: holiday homes, countryside retreats, mountain cabins, projects that combine a home with another programme (office, studio, gallery, etc), prototypes, experiments and university projects for living units, extensions and interior renovations, and existing buildings converted into homes. Homes for a group of people living together are also eligible as long as they remain small-scale and constitute a single ‘home’ for a particular community, e.g., Habitat for Orphan Girls , Doctors’ Housing .

Please remember that:

  • Projects must be finished and inhabited, and it should be possible for someone to visit
  • Projects must be less than 5 years old, so construction must have completed after 1 January 2018
  • Large housing blocks are not eligible

If you have any questions about whether your project is eligible, please drop a line to bryan.mendes@emap.com .

How to enter

  • Register on the entry page
  • Start your entry, which will consist of:
    • two A2 boards, uploaded as two separate PDF files containing compressed images, drawings and vectorised text
    • Boards must include drawings (at least one plan and one section) of the project, photographs and a short explanatory text (250 words are recommended) as well as the project location (city or region and country)
    • please note that files should not exceed 12Mb and boards must be anonymous, otherwise they may be disqualified
    • one high-resolution JPEG image (480x480px) and accompanying credit, which will be added to our gallery of entries on this website
  • Submit your entry via the online entry form by the deadline (25 August 2023). You can start and save your entry to come back to it at any point before the deadline.

To help you:

  • To ensure anonymity in judging, no names of entrants or collaborating parties may appear on any part of the board.
  • You can view entry board examples of the 2022 AR House winner, Yuka to Tenjo by Kochi Architect’s Studio: Board 1
    Board 2
  • If you are submitting multiple entries and would like a discount code, or have any queries at all please contact bryan.mendes@emap.com .

Use of images for promotional material

The Architectural Review reserves the right to make use of images of winning projects (both in print and digital media) for promotional material and editorial use in connection with the award. For instance, this might include publicising an exhibition (of winning entries), a lecture series (featuring the winning architects), or promoting the award itself. Use of material in this capacity either in whole or part will not attract payment of copyright. Where we are made aware of their names, photographers will be credited.